Happiness in Warsaw

Warsaw was never on my list of places to visit. Krakow yes…. but I’ll be honest I hadn’t even heard of Warsaw (apart from 1 or 2 history lessons back in high school) until I searched Skyscanner for uaffordable flights, if you haven’t checked out Skyscanner you need to download the app, say goodbye to expensive airfare. Warsaw literally has something for everyone; between the Royal Castle and the history found in Old Town and the amazing shopping centres and fine dinning that can be enjoyed in the newer areas of Warsaw.

Not quite knowing what Warsaw would be like we decided to go for a long weekend, this would allow us enough time to explore and enjoy should we LOVE it but not too long should we arrive and find that we should have followed reviews and gone to Krakow. WELL….. all I can say is 72 hours wasn’t long enough! Warsaw is a vibrant capital filled with culture and plenty of things to do and see!

We decided to do a little research before our trip into the brief history of Warsaw and I’d recommend doing it too! Nothing a bit of Google couldn’t help with. To think that a lot of the capital was demolished during WWII by Nazi Germany and had to be rebuilt in the mid-20th century! Amazing.

Things you should DO, SEE & EAT in 72hrs or less:


Stare Miasto Old Town was one my favourite places to visit, it’s the central hub of markets, cafes and colourful buildings in the squares. Be sure to have a wander down the cobbled side streets and take in the beautiful paint work and murals that can be found on each building; its hard to think of the buildings being refurbished when they’ve been made to keep their history. The Royal Castle can be found as you enter the square of the Old Town. It looks fairly modern from the outside. Check out the museum inside of the Castle, full of decadent tapestry’s and paintings.


TIP ~ Don’t walk too quickly past the buildings as you will miss the little cafe fronts selling donuts, hot dogs and lots of yummy treats for very little money.

27140470_10154995417392651_1596172707_o2. THE COPERNICUS SCIENCE CENTRE + PLANETARIUM

So glad we made the effort to visit the science centre, it was an incredible experience and one all ages will enjoy. It’s a really popular attraction and therefore highly recommend booking online beforehand, this will save Que times and disappointment (once they hit a certain number of people they have to stop admissions).  At the Centre, there are 6 exhibitions and over 400 exhibits and the 1 hour planetarium show was incredible… really was out of this world!

COST: FREE with a WARSAW PASS (see below).


The Palace of Culture and Science can’t be missed, it was one of the first buildings we saw as we came up out from the metro. It was built in the 1950s and was a gift from the Soviets, it’s one of Europe’s tallest buildings. Recommend paying to take the lift to the viewing platform. (The lift ride was quite the experience too).

TIP: Check out the shopping centre (Zlote Tarasy) close to the Palace of culture and science for some popular brands and good deals. They even have a Bath and Body Works!

COST: FREE with a WARSAW PASS (see below).



We had breakfast here the last day and there was only one regret …. That we hadn’t found this place sooner. The price of food here was so cheap we ended up getting 2 breakfasts each and a couple of hot chocolates! You can’t go to Warsaw and not check out this place!


This restaurant was full of character and incredible food. Eating out in Warsaw is super affordable there is something for everyone.



This museum was one of my favourites to visit in Warsaw, It’s located on the site of the old Warsaw Ghetto which existed when the Nazis ruled the city to house the Jews. My favourite exhibition was about the Jews and Nazi Germany. The exhibition is interactive and engaging, we spent 3-4 hours taking our time walking through and enjoying the museum.

TIP:  Don’t take young children to this museum, although very interactive and engaging its aimed at a older audience. 10yrs+.

COST: FREE with a WARSAW PASS (see below).


This concert was included with our Warsaw Pass, set within the side wing of the Royal Castle. It was a very intimate concert with maximum seating for 25-30 people and included a drink in the interval. Highly recommend attending to really get a taste of Polish arts.


  • We flew into Modin Airport, from here we were able to catch a shuttle bus to the nearest train station (Warsaw central railway station). You can buy tickets at the airport.
  • Warsaw has a great network of buses, trams and the metro all of which are very accessible and frequent….Making it very easy to get around. You can buy a 24, 48 or 72 hour ticket for unlimited travel on the buses, trams and the metro which I would highly recommend, we got our moneys worth, Its super cheap and makes it easier getting from A to B, however we did walk lots of places too.


Thanks for reading and HAPPY travels!



    1. I would say it’s accessible!! Lots of transport to a fro and at a very reasonable price. As well as good transport most sites have lifts and ramps making it very accessible! Loved it! Thanks for your comment. X


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