Whats on my dresser?

Firstly lets point out the fact that a ‘dresser’ is a very individual thing and everyone will set theirs out in a certain way. Some have it laid out in specific sections; lipsticks, nail varnish’s, brushes and hair grips (if they haven’t all magically disappeared)…. and perhaps others are like me and try and make it look all pretty and organised with the make up they own!  Christmas 2017 was a great year for me in the beauty department, my husband got the hints and I received some products in which I feel I HAVE to share…. (do you ever get that feeling, when you try something for the first time and feel the need to share! or is that just me….).

Hair ~ TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Waving Wand

For years I’ve dreamt of the perfect waves; I’ve tried curling wands, but felt they give me too much of a curl that it could be passed as an afro. I’ve used GHD straighteners which I love but end up have box shaped curls… please tell me where I’m going so wrong! Well I read  into different techniques to achieving the perfect waves and tired many of them and failed so one of the first things to hit my Christmas wishlist was this waving wand. I can’t fault it! I finally found a way of creating the waves any girl could dream of.

TIP: Spray hair lightly with hairspray before using waving wand, after (using hands) pull through to make the waves extra natural looking.


Facial wipes, Facial toner & cleansing lotion ~ Brand: SIMPLE

I’ve never been one to have a good routine in caring for my skin. I was fortunate enough to go through my teenage years without many spots (i’m very aware that I need to be more grateful for that). A goal of mine this year was to buy some products and get into the habit of every morning and every evening caring for my skin… in particular my face! I asked for opinions via my Instagram and the brand ‘Simple’ came out on top. Considering I could buy it in many supermarket shops and with it being very affordable, this wasn’t much to lose.

Changes since using this product:

  • Softer Skin
  • Removed and ‘dryness’ in the creases of my nose
  • Foundation applies more evenly
  • The realisation that I can make new habits and stick to them. (Life Lesson Learnt)


Hair ~ got2b ‘Beach Matt’ Hair Spray

This spray is a must by for anyone with hair like me that drys far from straight but can’t be left alone (frizz and knots come to mind). A few sprays of this onto my damp hair gives me waves I can go out in public with!

TIP: I now pair this with my Tresemme wave wand. A few sprays before and after waving my hair, allows for the perfect ‘Beach Wave’ look! WARNING does leave hair feeling rather dry and salty (think back to those summer beach days and sea salt hair) ~ brushes out perfectly!


Perfume ~ Zara ‘Joyful Tuberose’

This perfume as been my go to for everyday scent for the past two years, not only is it a really nice smell; it’s an amazing price. The smell last 10+ hours! Can’t fault it….. I like wearing perfume everyday and getting a few sprays in, at this price I can justify having to replace it every 6 months.


January has been a good month in trying new beauty products to add to my very slow growing collection, I’m always looking for new products to try and tend to search the blogging community and read some blogs & others opinions before actually getting my butt to the shop and pulling out the debit card. I love to know if you use the above products and your thoughts …. PLUS other products you’d recommend!

* Looking for recommendations for some good hand cream… for dry hands*


You can shop my look via the ‘Shop’ page which can be found at the top of this page.


  1. I also got the Tresemme Curling wand for Christmas and absolutely love it! I used to always use my GHDs but the tresemme gives so much more natural looking waves. Good choice!

    Love your blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

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